I naturally have no attention span. On one hand, it helps me keep an eye on everything going on around me. If you’re a designer, you have to be aware of a lot of things, since your work has to communicate with specific audiences, using mutually understood means. But when it comes time to do that work, I wouldn’t mind not going off on tangents every time something shiny appears.

But when I start drinking, it gets to be almost comical. In the time it took to ride the elevator 4 floors down to the lobby yesterday, i swear I turned around 2 complete times looking at various things. I’m certain I look like a paranoid pot smoker, with my gaze darting back and forth during a conversation.

Reinforcing this is a kind of eye flicker. It’s like someone went in and removed every other frame from what I’m seeing. My vision is no longer slow and smooth, but becomes slightly jerky, like a bad MTV video.

Walk across town like that, with music blaring in your headphones. In giant new boots. It made me very happy. Two weeks in a row of wonderful nights at Spellbound, talking with friends for hours. There was less with the beautiful woman this time, but I can let that slide this one time.