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collage chaser

I felt kinda good about today. Was an overall positive day. And I felt like I accomplished something while working. And Refresh was entertaining, if not educational, tonight.
So it’s unfortunate when I got home that my email was clogged with messages from clients whining about a pile of petty little things. Doubly depressing when, after hadling what I immediately could and filing anything undeserving of a response, I had only 1 email left. So not only did they piss on my mood, but it wasn’t in the least bit productive.
This calls for a photo collage. My recent favorites:

1. Princesa de la Tempestad, 2. Lotsa Colors, 3. light a cigarette, 4. Goddess Light., 5. artrepair8, 6. seawind, 7. tutu, 8. the promised land, 9. zlatna dolina – sarajevo, mon amour, 10. São Paulo., 11. on the drive to Yosemite, 12. Untitled, 13. yellow, 14. Reykjarvíkurnætur, 15. Sojin with Lemonade and Chips, 16. floored