Whenever I go from Washington to New York, I pass through a small — very small — town in Pennsylvania called Canton. Nothing particularly stands out about the place. It’s population probably only numbers in the hundreds, or a couple thousand at best. I didn’t see any national chain stores or big business.
What I did see, when driving through last year, was a sheet of paper stapled to the utility pole. All it said was “yard sale. across from high school”.
It may just have been nostalgia from growing up in a small town, but this sign fascinated me. I can’t imagine anymore living in a place so secluded and rural.
Maybe it brought home to me how much my own life has changed. I once was part of that life that now seems so foriegn to me.
I’m certian that small town life and all it’s experiences is still in me, if for no other reason than how much the sight of Canton appeals to me every time I drive through.