Yup. I definitely should have written yesterday. Yesterday, everything was clear and ordered in my mind. Even after playing video games. But today? Today, while I have a million things to say, I can’t think clearly enough to do any of them justice. Today, you get the lobotomized me. But that’s still probably better than the tomorrow me, when I have pack for Texas and wrap up as much work as possible.
Tonight, I had my movie night. I finally had people over, to watch City of God, and subject them to my first attempt at Pineapple Upside Down Cake. My mother had shipped me all the ingredients for my birthday, but they’d slowly been collecting dust until I had people to share it with.
My actual birthday party was about a week ago, I think. The Friday following my birthday, since too many people had trouble with the actual date. Dinner last year was nice, but everyone had seemed to expect more. So I wanted something more fun — more interesting. We went to Buffalo Billiards, to play pool, shoot darts, eat greasy food, and watch big screen TVs. It’s the first time I’ve played with friends since college, and while I got my ass kicked numerous times, I don’t suck as much as I remember. Was a lot of fun, and very relaxing. I may have to go back on my own, when I need to get away. My friends took me out for sushi, followed by more pool. They still bitched that I didn’t give them enough to do, but really, they can bite my ass, since it was my birthday, and I should have been the one being entertained. Where were the strippers, damnit?
Yeah. That’s about it, for tonight. Maybe I’ll find some peace and clarity when I’m all packed tomorrow. But I wouldn’t bet on it. My “normal” method of packing involves not finishing until well into the early morning hours.