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let there be light

The house – when we bought it – had an overly large, inappropriate light fixture on the front porch. So it became a low-priority fix, with us occasionally…

Rhode Island Avenue

Seen as I walked off the Metro (subway) on the way home tonight.

bad light

You want a horribly colored photo? Stick me in a room with incandescent lighting, and beige walls, and beige furniture. No matter how much I mess with the…

natural bokeh

I was looking at the shadows as I walked back from getting lunch today. I noticed the difference in shadows between the tree leaves verses unnatural structures, like…

is this what they used to call ‘spring’?

For most of the week, it’s been incredibly humid. So thick you can smell the water in the air. And then yesterday the temperature dropped about 15 degrees…


pier light

Chick and Stud