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I’ve posted a collection from my most recent photoshoot: Sample:

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So I was recently in a photo show, at the Washington School of Photography. (I’m not a student, but it was an open call for entries). The theme…

Photo Review #5

Stephanie and Isabel by Lung S. Liu In no particular order… There’s a wide range of tones here, from deep black to not-quite-blown-out-whites. And the overall tones are…

artomatic fashion show

Loved this woman. Incredible attitude. Looked like she would eat somebody if they got in her way.

Sunday Afternoon in Dupont Circle

with a rubber hose

Two weekends ago, I got a lucky opportunity. A friend had to bow out of a scheduled photo shoot, and recommended me to fill her spot. (So I…

The right image.

There are images that should be captured. Moments that feel like they exist to show you something. Beyond just “I wish I had my camera”, they have everything…

Dupont Circle


I just came back from Artomatic. I was a bit worried with it taking place in Crystal City. Normally it takes place in abandoned buildings in run-down neighborhoods,…

Sculpture in garden at church of saint luke in the fields


Thought I would whip this out now that the subject has seen the finished piece. The look on the face is a bit psychotic, but then, it was…


I am … sooooo lazy. Okay, not really. Last week I was bogged down with more work than I could handle. So when I wasn’t at the computer,…

Mardi Gras Parade in Clarendon

Full Minute of Mercury at the Velvet Lounge

The Lost Atoms at The Velvet Lounge

Chinese New Years Parade

Part 4: Christmas Trees

I meant to do some drawing tonight. Not gonna happen. I owe someone a picture, but I am barely conscious enough to write, much less draw. I’ve had…


I know blind, one-legged Buddhists who decorate a christmas tree better than our national tree. The tree itself is kind of frumpy, to begin with. Shouldn’t the national…


Fire and Glass