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public art

Roosevelt Island

Rolling Thunder

Immigration Rally


Friends and Places

The right image.

There are images that should be captured. Moments that feel like they exist to show you something. Beyond just “I wish I had my camera”, they have everything…

women wanted

I took this about a block from my apartment yesterday. I was getting out of the house for a mental break, and thinking that I needed to photograph…

The Pit

Most new buildings in this city actually go as far underground as they do above. Always disturbing to see these gaping holes in the earth, filled with little…

Little Bits

Something just occurred to me. I took some pictures over to CVS to be developed, at 8×10 inches. Their kiosk, when you choose 8×10, gives you a blow…

Eastern Market Dummies

rusted star

heading home on the 4th of july


National Botanical Garden

National Botanical Garden

National Botanical Garden

Lafayette Park

Lafayette Park

singing escalators